Specialty Act / Barrelman

Rider Kiesner

LCP17812A native of Ripley, Oklahoma, Rider Kiesner excites audiences while he trick ropes, spins guns and cracks whips, while his assistant, Bethany Iles, trick rides throughout the arena. Kiesner brings back old western performance art in his act, doing tricks with his 40’ and 50’ foot ropes; the ocean wave, the Texas skip, the 50-foot big loop. 

He trick ropes in the arena on a specially designed platform on the top of his RAM truck, and on his palomino horse, Lemonade. The saddle he uses is a 90-year-old parade saddle, a collectable made by renowned saddlemaker Ted Flowers. At the end of the performance, after the sun has gone down, Kiesner does his trick roping and whip cracking with the ropes and whips on fire and flames lighting up the sky!

Kiesner is a four-time world champion trick roper, a two-time world champion gun spinner, and has performed at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo seven times. He grew up in a family of western artists and cowboys. His dad, Philip, did mounted shooting and his mom, Julie, rode. Rider and his younger brother, Roper, were trick riding and trick roping before they were teens. The four of them worked together, entertaining at rodeos, until the boys struck out on their own.


Kiesner’s career has taken him around the globe. He’s entertained fans in Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Oman, Dubai, Lebanon, France, Canada, Mexico and across 49 of the 50 states.