Rodeo Clown

"Funny man" Lecile Harris

As a rodeo clown, Lecile Harris seems to have been blessed with all the essential parts. His walk, talk and actions seem to effuse comedy. He is tall, thin, gangly and awkward looking, yet athletic even for his age. Enormously creative and spontaneous, his arena character and antics combine a blend of magic, slapstick, and stand-up comedy in a curious way that leaves his audiences wanting more. Lecile Harris is one of those people that command attention whether he is entering the arena in costume or just entering a room. Four times named Pro-Rodeo's "Clown of the Year", Lecile is well at home in the rodeo arena. Considered by his peers, rodeo producers, cowboys and fans alike as the very best in the business, he is in big demand working over 150 performances a year including many of the biggest rodeos in the world.


Today, Lecile is at the pinnacle of his career. His comedy mannerisms, acts and jokes are copied by clowns and showmen everywhere in the business. Rightfully so, comedy has become his trademark to such a degree that he was recognized as the best in the business by being named PRCA CLOWN OF THE YEAR in 1992, 1994, 1995 and 1996. Rodeo has been good to Lecile Harris. He will tell you much of what he has, he owes to rodeo and his wife Ethel. But he has given much back too. Since 1955, his bullfighting and comedic ability have saved many a cowboy and brought smiles and laughter to literally millions of people. Visit -